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Online Marketing company Mirpur Dhaka Bangladesh | Facebook Marketing company Mirpur Dhaka Bangladesh

Social Media helps to reach your service to targeted customers at a time...

We offers facebook advertising solutions in Bangladesh. As the social media networks grow where everyone is connected to one another, marketing becomes highly differentiated in the digital age. As more businesses realize the importance of a competitive online presence, corporations large and small, start-ups, government organizations, and non-profits alike are seeking consulting services from SEM companies and internet marketing companies to increase online visibility. We think we are #1 in Bangladesh for Internet marketing and SEO Service. Initux IT Limited is the marketing expert of social networks and is in charge of all the details.

Facebook Advertising Services Includes:

    Fanpage Promotion [Fanpage like]
    Click to Website
    Boost any Post

Promote your business with own brand...

Mobile phone is the most popular technology of our daily life. This technolgy has become the main communication media. SMS is such a messaging service which may create instant response through mobile phone. We like to inform you that our team has some qualified IT specialst who are skilled in SMS technology. So we are so much confident to deliver any kind SMS solution like bulk sms, push-pull sms, web based sms service.


Packages AD Duration Total Budget Total Cost Result
Package l 7 Days 35$ Tk. 3,500.00 BDT Seen
Package ll 15 Days 70$ TK 7000 BDT Seen
Package lll 30 Days / 1 Month 140$ TK 14000 BDT Seen


Quantity Validity Price per SMS SMS Type API Support
1,000 - 5,000 Unlimited 35 Paisa Non Brand No
5,000 - 10,000 Unlimited 32 Paisa Non Brand No
10,000 - 20,000 Unlimited 28 Paisa Non Brand Yes
20,000 - 50,000 Unlimited 23 Paisa Non Brand Yes
50,000 - 100,000 Unlimited 18 Paisa Non Brand Yes

Scope of SMS Marketing...

    Job Notification
    Events: Voting, Quiz contest (From on different programs of various media like TV/Radio/Newspaper)
    Notice / Greeting (Official / Occasional for target people)
    Specific Information (Training/Cultural Program)
    Reminder for Due Payment / Due Inquiry
    Event Notification (Meeting, Program, others, Training)
    General Info (Office Address, Service Details)

SMS Services we Offer...

    Bulk sms service
    Web based SMS service
    Group SMS
    Single SMS
    Shedule SMS
    User friendly web based control panel
    Information database in Corporate Catagory.

Benefits of SMS Services...

    Cheap cost marketing communication
    Effective way of direct communication.
    People always check their SMS quickly
    People can instant response
    It is very helpful to boost up your business & promote your product

Include with SMS Control Panel...

    No Registration Fees.
    No Sender ID Fee.
    Free API
    No Hidden Charges.


Corporate employer, CTO, CEO, Managing director, Club members (Like Dhaka club, Gulshan club, Uttara Club, Lions Club etc), Different organization member(Like BGMEA, BASIS, FBCCI etc), Different company owner and directors etc. – Total 19,00,000+ Corporate & General Mobile Number

Payment Terms & Conditions...

Payment Method: 100% Pre-paid.
Payment Through: Cash Check to Initux Software Limited or Cash.

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